It’s never too late to start!

Published:  15. December 2016

Sometimes it’s just difficult to actually find the motivation….it’s a fact! Other times it has just vanished.

Finding one’s motivation can be hard, whether it’s for exercising, the big assignment at work, or improving skills or efforts at home.

Tarjei admits that even top athletes like himself now and then struggle to find their motivation. The trick of the trade, or at least Tarjei’s solution, is to grab himself by the neck, and get out, up and about! The post-exercise feeling is awesome, and improves with every workout, along with yourself.

Set yourself a main goal a while from now. Follow up with smaller, less ambitious objectives along the way.
Tarjei’s main goal is the World Biathlon Championship this winter. Numerous tough workouts and training sessions will lay the foundation for him reaching his main goal, each and one of them needing to be of high quality.

Smaller objectives to keep the motivation up is therefore important!


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